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A Truly South African Company, Truly Empowered.

Our success rests on the expertise and commitment of all our employees and partners, with a focus on service excellence, quality and reliability. Because of the interesting and diverse projects we secure, we tend to
attract the very best talent, with a diverse set of experiences and backgrounds, capable of initiative and with a passion to fulfill our vision, mission and core values.

Our commitment to sustainable earnings, growth and
value creation is not negotiable. The God fearing Mr Genius Azwindine Mashaba started his business as a small family business, we praise our Lord for
it has expanded to an empire that has stretched its spheres to other provinces, done work with Government Institutions and Various department as well as private


It is an extreme honor to be part of and the driving force of Genipo Construction especially highlighting the fact that it is and will continue to be my brain child. After working at the department of water affairs and sanitation for five years under the construction department from 2010 to 2015, having learned and gained all the necessary skills in construction , i then decided to start my own company which i never looked back till to date.

Since then, it has grown from strength, even as far as becoming the market leader. However this did not come without ups and downs. Since its inception Genipo Construction and Project as emerged both as a unifying force across Gauteng , and a Construction and Electronic business within purpose and remarkable achievements – our clients bear reference in this regard. I am also thankful for all our clients and people l encountered in this Construction market. Many of them perceived me as a threat and continually kept me on my toes. Those situations prepared me for competition and helped me overcome challenges.

It was never smooth sailing and there were many ups and downsides along the way. Sometimes the temptation to quit was almost overpowering, but I had to have a strong will power to succeed, and that goes with a whole lot of sacrifice and dedication. Most importantly, the difficulties, pitfalls and trying times allowed me to build my character and tested my will to win and make Genipo Construction and Project what it is today.

Through it all, Genipo Construction and Project has grown and will continue to grow to become a formidable Construction business with, and the rest of South Africa recognizes which is being achieved. Our new commercial strategies and brand building strategies are dynamic, and overcome its business of which emerge from opposition and competition. As Genipo Construction and Project move forward with its business of Construction and Electronic , this legacy in partnership with you to contribute immensely
to the development of our South African economy by creating more employment opportunities and to realize another lifelong dream of mine. I will continue to strive to take Genipo Construction and Project to even greater heights

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Company Mission

Is to proved quality services delivering accurately and on time, building to customer’s satisfaction and to maintain a reputable track record with all our
costumers thus “Serving you with Pride

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Genipo Construction and Project biggest goal focus and is to constantly improve on the quality of its services, and the timely delivery to client and also focus on providing great services to our loyal clients at competitive