Energy Efficient Elements

There are so many products on the market to reduce energy costs and minimise your carbon footprint.

we assist our customers in living more sustainable lives by supplying inverters, solar setups, induction and now energy-efficient elements. 

We waste a lot of energy if we do not take careful consideration. People install timers, current profilers, heat pumps, syphon systems, and so on. The problem is that we pay for the kilowatts used when an appliance is in operation. 

For example, you use a lot of energy if you switch off your geyser for long periods and then switch it on again to heat all that icy water.

We supply energy-efficient geyser elements with Positive Thermal Coefficient (PTC) technology providing optimum heating performance while lowering consumption costs.

Our newest product is the energy-efficient stove plate with the same PTC technology.

General Electric Services

Electrical Design Services

we provides any electrical requirements from design to installation, certification and after sales service. We collaborate with designers, architects and specialists to deliver the highest quality finishes.

Electrical Installation Services

We offer electrical installation systems. We provide you with the complete package from design to installation and maintenance, carried out by qualified electricians and to PAT standards.