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House Building Drain Cleaning & Repairs


The core of Genipo Construction and Project business remains
housing and more specifically Social Housing. Approximately
60% of our annual turnover is in Social Housing.

Line Services


Essential Services
§ Rapid Land Release Programs
§ In situ Upgrades
§ Peoples Housing Projects
§ Project Based (RDP Type) Housing
§ Community Residential Units (CRU’s)
§ Slums Clearance
§ Rental Housing (Institutional Housing) and
§ Mine Hostel upgrade

Plumbing Services


All general plumbing maintenance and plumbing repairs. Alterations, bathroom upgrades, and kitchen renovations. Assistance with plumbing-related insurance



Full range of electrical installation services

Remodeling Services


The latest “count”, as at January 2022, is that Genipo Construction
and Project has, to date, completed in excess of 75,000 Units in the
Social Housing Sectors described above.
Whilst difficult to accurately compute, we estimate that Genipo
Construction and Project has delivered approximately 2% of all the
Social Housing developed and/or constructed in South Africa since

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